Our products boast outstanding resistance to smudge/boiling water. We also offer tailor-made products upon the specific needs of customers.

Ironing 110°C,15s.
Dry Heat 100°C,60s.
Acid,Solution of 1st Process

P.H.=4.5, 0.1% acetic acid, 60°C,30min.

2% oxalic acid, 60°C,10min.

Boiling Water 100°C, 20min.
Hand Washing

0.5% soap 0.2% sodium carbonate anhydride


Rubbing 200g,100 times
Dry Cleaning

trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene, petroleum benzine, 25°C,30min.

Steaming 95°C,10min..
Scouring For Nylon, Polyester, Rayon, Acetate & Cotton Soda powder,1g/l,  60°C,30min.


The foregoing data and test result from our laboratory may differ depending on the method of test. It is recommendable to try the samples for even better effect.

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